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At Kahvay - Our mission is simple: to help you master negotiation and gain one of life’s most valuable skills.


Negotiation is not just for buyers and sellers. You might not think of yourself as a negotiator. You could be a product manager, project lead, consultant or are in human resources, operations, finance, legal or leadership – but you are always negotiating. You are always managing some form of conflict, a difference in opinion or interest.

People often have a negative reaction to the word “negotiation”. Or the idea of deliberately getting better at it. To some, it’s synonymous with trickery or aggression. They think of a manipulative car salesperson. Or an awkward street market haggle. The reality? Negotiation is not some dark art. It’s simply how we seek agreement and communicate. It’s how we get things done.

The Weekly Walkway is published weekly and highlights negotiation in its ‘good’, ‘bad’ and sometimes ‘downright ugly’ forms.

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Giles Morgan (@Kahvay)

I like to help people. Much of my work happiness comes from seeing my clients and customers succeed. They say my coaching, consulting and training is instrumental in their success. This is what drives me @kahvay. over 900 subscribers (2023)

Robert Olivers

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Our mission is a simple one: to help you master negotiation and gain one of life’s most valuable skills.